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One Room Challenge ~ Spring 2023 #AsYouWish

The One Room Challenge is an exciting and challenging way to transform a room in just 8 weeks. It can be daunting to tackle a big project like this, but the sense of achievement we will feel at the end makes it all worthwhile.

The first week of the One Room Challenge is all about planning and preparation. We started by taking a good look at the room we're going to be transforming, thinking about the changes we want to make, and deciding on a color scheme. Once we had a clear idea of what we wanted to achieve, I created a mood board.

Alongside our mood board, I also had some renderings created of the room. This gives us a more accurate picture of how everything would fit together and allowed me to make any necessary changes before we start making alterations to the room.

I'm excited to get started on the next phase of the challenge and see our vision come to life. Check out the other participants HERE!

And NONE of this would be happening without our incredible sponsors:

And we have a few more coming to make the room complete! So check back for more.

The One Room Challenge is ON!! #ORCAT #oneroomchallenge @apartmenttherapy @oneroomchallenge #Bedroom

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