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Mid Century Modern Turn Key

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Olympic Manor

A typical project with Tristan Gary Designs involves extensive renovations full of dust, demo and dumpsters. We usually take a home from studs to staging. However, for this mid century modern home in the iconic neighborhood of Olympic Manor, we did things a little differently.

Our clients purchased this home fully renovated. It had loads of character and was already gorgeous! Their agent called us asking if we had time in our schedule to help them with some furniture selections. I’m sure I had 17 other things going on that day so I quickly said "Yes, but with three conditions."

1- They have a realistic budget for furniture.

2- They understand that furniture takes about 12 weeks or more to arrive. (Don't we wish it was still just 12 weeks!!)

3- It’s all going to be held in our receiving warehouse until we are ready to install which will be a two day process.

Unbeknownst to me, I was on speaker phone when I made that proclamation and the clients said “Sounds good to us!” I knew this would be a good partnership.

The following week I met with the homeowner and soon realized they didn’t just want a few pieces of furniture. They wanted a fully furnished, turnkey home ready to move in. I was tasked with giving them a complete cohesive design throughout.

Even though this home was beautifully renovated, we were still able to add a few extras to make it perfect for them. We added a home theater system with Dolbe Atmos 9.2 theater surround sound in their media room downstairs.

We also added Sonos Airplay System throughout the house with individualized zoning and a Lutron Home Automation system for shades and lighting.

We chose a fun, geometric wallpaper in the girl’s bedroom for their three daughters with a hanging chair to personalize the space and make it special. A warm sheep skin rug makes it extra cozy. I loved the beach art that mixed their love of Hawaii and the California coast. Automated blackout shades and white linen curtains for softness.

We incorporated heaters into the outdoor living space so our clients could enjoy the year round beauty of the Pacific Northwest by taking the indoors out. Warm teak furniture contrasts nicely with the cool concrete patio floor. With strategic furniture placement, they are able to comfortably enjoy the gorgeous water view from their sprawling deck.

Because our clients were excited and already moving in, we quickly broke my third rule of receiving all furniture at one time and instead allowed items to be delivered piece by piece. The challenge with delivering a few pieces at a time instead of one big install is that it becomes difficult for clients to see the overall vision as opposed to experiencing the whole cohesive design come together at once. Our clients came up with a new hashtag. When they couldn’t agree on something, they agreed, #TrustTristan. They put their full trust in me and it soon felt like Christmas for weeks and months as items started to arrive.

Ultimately, every piece was installed and perfectly styled. Each item in this home was specifically curated for our client’s lifestyle. They were a joy to work with and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. It has been such a dream to work on this project. Whether you’re planning an extensive remodel or just need help turning your house into a home, it’s what we do! Give us a call.

To see the full video of this home, please see our Homepage.

To see more photos, please visit the Portfolio page.

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Exquisite home. They were right. #TrustTristan

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